Friday, August 13, 2010

Tema : Pakaian

Aktiviti menggunting cebisan kain untuk dihiaskan pada topi kertas.
Bahan ini saya perolehi melalui laman blog cikgu Amy dari SK Bangsar. Terima Kasih atas perkongsian ilmu ini.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tema : Sayangi Alam Sekitar

Coloring Page

Tema : Sayangi Alam Sekitar

Craft : Fluttering Wings Mobile

  • Erasable Colored Pencils
  • Glue Sticks
  • Pointed Tip Scissors
  • Twistables® Slick Stix™ Crayons
  • Construction Paper

household supplies

  • hole punch
  • wax paper
  • Hallmark ribbon


These bright birds are always munching and fluttering! Make a multimedia mobile to bring nature’s brilliant colors indoors.


  1. 1. A great place to see birds in action is at a birdfeeder. With this mobile, you can enjoy their colors, shapes, and markings any time you like.
  2. 2. Make a birdfeeder. On construction paper, use Crayola® Erasable Colored Pencils to outline a large birdfeeder. Color it with Crayola Slick Stix. Use Crayola Scissors to cut it out. Punch a hole in the top and string ribbon through it for hanging. Punch several holes along the bottom.
  3. 3. Create birds. Outline at least six bird bodies on more paper. Make each one unique and colorful with Slick Stix. Cut birds out, turn them over, and color the other side. Punch holes in the heads of four birds.
  4. 4. On waxed paper, outline bird wings. Color them and cut them out. Try different colors of Slick Stix on either side of the wings for a shimmery effect. Use a Crayola Glue Stick to attach wings to birds.
  5. 5. Assemble your mobile. Hang four birds from the bottom of the feeder with ribbon. Glue two birds to the feeder.

When & Where

"Our scouts created these feeders to show the birds they observed."
- Mark C., den leader.

"Creating this birdfeeder brought back great memories of our feathered friends!"
- Susan G., mother of ages 8 and 9.

Interesting Info

Did you know that the largest bird in the world is the ostrich? It is native to Africa and weighs up to 300 pounds (136 kg).

Safety Guidelines

Scissors—ATTENTION: The cutting edges of scissors are sharp and care should be taken whenever cutting or handling. Blunt-tip scissors should be used only by children 4 years and older. Pointed-tip scissors should be used only by children 6 years and older.

String-Like Materials—Includes string, raffia, lacing, yarn, ribbon, and other similar material. Children 3 years and younger should not be given any string-like material that is longer than 12 inches. Close adult supervision is essential whenever children use string-like material. When crafts are to be worn around the necks of children 8 years and younger, attach the ends of the “string-like material” with clear adhesive tape, which allows easy release of the bond if the craft becomes entangled or caught on equipment. For children older than 8 years, the ends of the “string-like material” may be tied and knotted.